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Nurture Your Creative Capacity

Surround yourself with a soothing setting.
Let the arts nourish and relax you.
Seek supportive souls.
Warm ideas in your mental incubator.

Foster an attitude of curiosity.
Gain knowledge on diverse topics.
Devour works on creativity.
Add frequent doses of humor.

Delay judgment.
Avoid or temper negatives.
Reserve chunks of time.
Eliminate interruptions.

Free your imagination.
Flex your risk-taking muscle.
Practice perseverance.
Give yourself incentives.

Identify and expand your interests.
Develop and use your abilities.
Discover and address your needs.
Be a mentor to yourself.

Remove real and perceived barriers.
Visualize, daydream, record your thoughts.
Anticipate and welcome the future.
Initiate action for positive impact.

Turn on your receptors.
Tune in to your intuition.
Share ideas with idea lovers.
Relish the results of your mind.

Your mind matters.
You matter.

Marilyn Schoeman Dow.

© "Thinkables", The Write Stuff
Do not reprint or distribute without written permission from Marilyn Schoeman Dow