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The Creative Conductor 


You are magnetic people;
You are a highly charged group.
You seek the positives;
You keep yourselves current.

You defuse resistors;
You fuse forces.
You utilize and control static.
You keep circuits unbroken.

You are the generator of positive force; You increase the voltage of the charges given you.
You facilitate the flow of energy to new heights,
New destinations and new recipients.

You switch negatives to positives.
You have an extensive field of attraction.
You are the transformer,
Converting potential to performance.

You are connected in a series,
Forming a circle of support.
You are also joined In parallel form,
Possessing power of your own.

You lighten and brighten the world for others.
All kinds of folks are grateful to you.
They reflect the glow kindled you you.
Watt's the difference? You

Marilyn Schoeman Dow

© "Thinkables", The Write Stuff
Do not reprint or distribute without written permission from Marilyn Schoeman Dow