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Marilyn Schoeman Dow

      is a Seattle based management consultant specializing in innovation and problem solving. She is the inventor of "The ThinkLink Idea Activatior", a unique, comprehensive system for solving prfoblems and creating opportunities. To inquire about ThinkLink or Greenlight Thinking® problem solving products, or to have Marilyn Schoeman Dow speak at your functin, please contact Marilyn Schoeman Dow by email.

What Color is Your Thinking?

(excerpt from an article by M.S.D.) Who are today's survivor? Whose expansion will we be reading about tomorror? Those positioned to flourish in the future are those whose color of thnking is green. GreenLight® style is one of ACTION, driven by confidence and optimism, problems solving, creativity and a future-focus.

Do you want to Greenlight your ability to save time, money and effort with Marilyn Schoeman Dow's powerful and effective problem solving tools? Then check back soon for more information or contact Marilyn Schoeman Dow.