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ThinkLink products are powerful, effective and unique tools to quickly get you thinking, seeing and implimenting Green Light solutions as quickly as you can flip a card. Convenient and portable, BOFF-O!®, The Problem Solvers System, and The Idea Activator are powerpacked tools ready to help you zoom past those mental roadblocks at work, home, school or any situation you need to quickly push your creative powers to Full Green Ahead! BOFF-O!® is a pocket portable card deck and The Idea Activator comes ready to use on your Rolodex style base.

Use the BOFF-O!® card deck to create ideas for new products or improvements for products and services you currently offer. This amazing - and fun - brain energizing game helps you gain insights into new work options, new markets and increases your organization's creativity. Increase your value and effectiveness: build thinking, writing and problem solving skills, play BOFF-O!®, the Problem Solvers System.

To order BOFF-O!®, available exclusively from Marilyn Schoeman Dow, ThinkLink, click here.


Over 400 idea-triggering Rolodex® compatible cards in The Idea Activator are ready for you to:

Release your genius for creative problem-solving and innovation

Create new products and opportunities for yourself and your company

Help bring success and satisfaction to your professional and personal life

Specialized sections in: General and Universal problem solving, Human Resource and Management problem solving, Business, Industry and Organization problem solving; Problem-solving techniques, suggestions and motivational quotes.

To order The Idea Activator, available exclusively from Marilyn Schoeman Dow, ThinkLink, click here.

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