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Articles by Marilyn Schoeman Dow

Cook Up a New YOU!  NEW!


Re-inventing yourself is Green and Easy when you are your own Chief Life Cook!

Creative solutions, improved productivity, increased efficiency. m-temp.jpg

Salute to Dr. Kolff  

Thousands of people are alive and active because of the amazing creativity of award winning Dr. Kolff.


What Color is Your Thinking?

Learn who todays survivors will be and how the color of their thinking will make the difference.


Raise Your 'IQ'

Maximize your 'IQ', your 'Innovation Quotient' to Capture the Competitive Edge.


What Color are Your Thoughts?

If your company is in the 'Red', it may be the Color of Your Thoughts.

By guest author Evelyn Clark


Hit The Deck!

Marilyn informs you how business 'card sharks' take the lead from their competition with this powerful creative solution generator.


So You Want a Raise?

Make the leap from fruitless yearning to increased earning.


Get a Life - Again!

Green LightŪ provides a crucial tactic to use when bad things happen to good people.

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