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Creativity Salute to Dr. Kolff's Creativity
Marilyn Schoeman Dow


Marilyn was in Philadelphia recently for the American Creativity Association conference and emceed the Award Ceremony. Information on the photos follows.

Awarding Dr. Kolff the LCA Award

Male, female artificial lungs

Last fall, on the front page of a newspaper, I saw a large color photo of an elderly gentleman with a great grin on his face and a bright twinkle in his eye. He was holding up a large white bra - with a gizmo attached. I was intriqued to say the least.

Reading the copy, I learned the gizmo was an artificial lung! The creative genius in the photo, displaying his latest invention, was Dr. Willem Kolff, the "father of artificial organs." In 1950 he invented the artificial kidney and a dialysis machine.

Today, in the US nearly 55,000 people with end-stage renal disease are alive due to his work. He also invented the artificial eye, artificial hearing, and artificial arm. After nominating him for our Lifetime Creative Achievement, I had the special delight of presenting the award to Dr. Kolff. He captivated the audience with tales of his challenges and demonstrations of apparatus used in his inventing.

A recent article about him in the Wall Street Journal was headlined, "91 and Still Tinkering!" He inspired us all with his style, humility, humor and creativity. Check him out on the web. He's SUCH an amazing person.


Owner of ThinkLink and past-president of the American Creativity Association, Marilyn promotes innovative action, teambuilding and managing change in keynotes, coaching and seminars. Her products include BOFF-O! (Brain On Fast Forward) problem solving deck/system.

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