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Thank you for your interest in Green Light and ThinkLink Products: Programs and Products for People Who Think. Print this form, enter quantity of products, purchase amounts, additional fees or taxes if aplicable, and enter total amount at bottom of the form. Please enclose a check or money order for the total amount with this form and mail to: ThinkLink, Dept P | Price List: BOFF-O!: 1-5: $19.95 ea, 5-10: $17.95 ea 2515 39th Ave. SW | The Idea Activator: 1-5: $19.95 ea, 5-10: $17.95 ea Seattle WA 98116 |
Shipping Information (please print clearly) Name:_________________________________ Company:_________________________________
Address:________________________________ City:_____________________ Zip:________ Phone:__________________________ email:_________________________________________ Additional Information:_________________________________________________________ Quantity orders (more than 10 decks), call 206-200-7212 to receive free shipping and handling. Quantity Amount
------------------------|----------------|---------------- BOFF-O! Card Deck | |
------------------------|----------------|---------------- Idea Activator Card Deck| |
Sub Total:| -----------------------------------------|---------------- WA state residents: 8% sales tax:|
Sub Total:| -----------------------------------------|----------------
* Shipping & Handling:|
TOTAL:| -----------------------------------------|----------------
* Shipping & Handling 1-5 decks:$5, 5-10 decks:$10
circle one - Form of payment: [personal check] [company check] [money order]

Please enter the following information and then copy of this form for your records.
Check #:______________ Date Issued: _____________ Amt.: _____________
(For faster processing, please use money orders. Checks will be held until cleared.)

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